• How does HENRY work?

    We are an innovative wellness solution for companies by providing onsite dental services to encourage employees to use their insurance and take care of their oral health. After securing dates with the HR department, we park our mobile practice outside the office, eliminating the travel burden employees face when going to the dentist.

  • Does it cost companies to have HENRY on-site?

    There is no cost to your company to have HENRY on-site providing services to your employees.

  • What type of companies does HENRY partner with?

    We fit companies in all industries; technology, retail HQ’s, health care, pharmaceutical, financial services etc. We look for office sites that have 500+ employees, where there is predominantly a salaried workforce.

  • Is there a minimum amount of employees required for HENRY to visit a company?

    We partner best with office sites that have 500+ employees where the majority of employees are enrolled in a PPO dental plan.

  • Does it cost anything for employees to use HENRY?

    We do not charge any incremental cost to employees to use our services. We act just like any in-network dental office, so insurance coverage applies as it would at any in-network dental office.

  • Will employees see the same dental team?

    Yes, our big promise is to keep the same clinical team assigned to an office for continuity and relationship development.

  • What if an employee needs follow up care?

    We handle treatment planning 3 different ways:

    1. If the case isn’t time sensitive, we’ll schedule you during the next time we’re onsite (every 3-4 months).
    2. We schedule you at our brick-and-mortar practice located at 890 Mountain Ave. Suite 310 New Providence, NJ 07974 where we provide a full range of specialty services and general dentistry.
    3. We schedule you when we know our mobile practice will be at a site close by your office if New Providence isn’t a good option.
  • How are specialty services handled like periodontal, endodontic, or advanced orthodontics?

    We have specialists on rotation in our New Providence practice to create a 360-degree level of care for our patients. Any patient that needs advanced work will be referred to our specialist in New Providence.

  • What type of dental plans does HENRY take?

    We accept all PPO insurances from the following carriers:



    Delta Dental


    Horizon Blue Cross/ Blue Shield


    United Concordia

    United Healthcare

    Due to the nature of HMO/DMO insurance we are unable to accept this type of plan, however we do provide cleanings, exams and x-rays for $145 so any employee who enrolled in HMO/DMO has the opportunity to utilize our services.

  • How do patient records get transferred or received in advance of care?

    A patient will either ask their previous dentist to send us their medical records in advance of visiting HENRY, or the patient will let us know in advance and we will work with their previous dentist to obtain their records.

  • What can one expect during their first visit at HENRY?

    During your first visit, please present your dental insurance card and ID to our Office Manager.  You can save time by completing the online registration prior to your visit.  Your overall dental and oral health will be accessed with a comprehensive oral evaluation.  Depending on your dental history, a series of digital x-rays may be required as determined by our dental team.  Based on the health of your gums, the appropriate hygiene treatment will be performed by your hygienist.  Typically, your first appointment will last 1 hour. 

  • Is all information HIPAA compliant?

    Everything inside HENRY is HIPAA compliant from start to finish, including all digital files.